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After seven seasons, True Blood is about to say its final goodbyes before leaving us forever. It's been nearly 10 years since True Blood's vampires came out of the coffin, exposing Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) and her Bon Temps. By George Stark.

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Pam gave Eric a bloody ultimatum, forcing him to choose between turning her and watching her die. They famously became an item after playing on-screen lovers Sookie Stackhouse and Bill Compton in the hit show True Blood. So hopefully actor Stephen Moyer won't mind seeing his wife Anna Paquin's character move on with other male characters now that Sookie and Bill are no longer. Skip navigation!

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Yeah I think it's real, hard to fake that. The sexiest scenes from True Blood on HBO. We're nearly halfway through season six, and so far there's been a serious dearth of sexy times. . For a long time we were hoping he and Sookie to get together and do the. Jason Stackhouse and Sarah Newlin in the church.

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That vampires and supes are so smitten with her is a remarkable exception that stands in contrast to how much the everyday folks kinda despise her. Daniels have arranged and once again, all hell breaks loose in this tiny, overburdened town. Though "True Blood" at its heart is supposed to be Sookie's story, interest in her fate was long ago eclipsed by characters like Eric disappointingly absent this whole episodeLafayette and Jessica. The show built such a huge fan base with its soapy storylines, mix of fantasy and adventure, brief dalliances into the socio-political implications of a vampire-human world and of course, an abundance of gratuitous sex scenes involving actors with magnificent asses.

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Actually, the pair believe the fantasy series' hypersexuality has helped their marriage. I am not sure at all lol. But If you're talking about the scene that was on BBC, I do know which one that was. Loading editor. , August

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Perhaps one of the dirtiest sex scenes on the show occurred when a naked Bill crawled out of his grave, grabbed Sookie's foot, and started.

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The best reason to still watch "True Blood": the sex scenes. That's a ridiculous number, though it makes sense: the sexy sexiness is the There are nine million Sookie/Bill tribute videos with some sh*tty Owl City song on.

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As sexy vampire Bill Compton, Stephen Moyer appeared in more than his fair share of naked sex scenes in HBO's racy horror hit True Blood, but did he wife Anna Paquin, and he recalls his favourite Bill-Sookie sex scene.

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