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Scientists can determine the age of the seafloor by examining the changing magnetic field of our planet. Scientists can determine the age of the seafloor by examining the changing magnetic the magma crystallized, and thus know the absolute age of the seafloor. Scientists can determine the age of the seafloor thanks to the changing magnetic field of our planet.

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Criminology and Criminal Justice. Video from Episode 2 "The Deep" of the BBC documentary Earth Story showing ocean floor spreading out from an ocean ridge. As it spreads, it. First proposed in the early s by the American geologist Harry H.

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We think you have liked this presentation. Therefore, seafloor dating isn't that useful for studying plate motions and reverse magnetic polarity spreading out from the oceanic ridges. Seafloor spreading is a geologic process where there is a gradual addition of new oceanic crust in the ocean floor through a volcanic activity while moving the older rocks away from the mid-oceanic ridge.

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The Earth's lithosphere is broken up into chunks called plates with densities around 3. Oceanic crust is only about 6 kilometers thick. The continental plates are made of another volcanic type of silicates called granite.

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As it spreads, it records the polarity of Earth's magnetic field as positive and negative anomalies. An interactive animation showing the sea floor spreading of oceanic crust. The mid-oceanic ridge, tectonic plate, mantle, magma and. Seafloor spreadingtheory that oceanic crust forms along submarine mountain zones, known collectively as the mid-ocean ridge system, and spreads out laterally away from them.

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Seafloor spreading, theory that oceanic crust forms along submarine and deep -sea drilling—date only to the Jurassic Period, not exceeding about million.

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Block ______ Date What scientists found was that new seafloor has continually been forming Here, the seafloor spreads very slowly away from the ridge.

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Seafloor Spreading Stages in the South China Sea: Implications for the . Sea at that time prevented dating of that part of the basin. Taylor.

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