How to Install Kitchen Tile Backsplash?

Recently, while rectifying an excess of “character” in an older home, I was enlisted to install a tile backsplash. The homeowners had just had a beautiful new countertop installed. The old laminate countertop had a 4” backsplash built in, but the new quartz one had only 1”, and in this case, size matters – there […]

Modern Decor with Beautiful Kitchen Curtains

Creative kitchen curtains add interest to kitchen design and allow to personalize interior decorating in elegant and unique style. Collection of attractive window treatment ideas provides inspirations and may help the readers to determine the best kitchen curtains for their homes. Kitchen curtains are an important part of modern decor. Kitchens are one the busiest […]

My Story Make Kitchen Cupboard Curtains

After three long years of a cabinet with no door, I finally have a great kitchen cabinet idea for you: curtains for cabinet doors. What do you think? I think it looks really nice. Let me show you where I started and give you a tutorial on how to make curtains for cabinet doors. This is […]

Kitchen Window Curtains Ideas

Are you looking to improve your kitchen’s interior design? Here are some fun ideas for your kitchen window curtains that you can incorporate into the room. One of the most important rooms in the house is the kitchen. It is where everyone can come together for morning coffee, a big dinner, or maybe some ice […]

Tips for Planning and Organize the Outdoor Kitchen

When it comes to cooking, anything you can do indoors can be done outdoors—sometimes better. There’s something about the aromas and flavors of grilled cuisine that has made barbecuing a significant part of home life and entertaining since the 1950s. Barbecuing has come a long way since the early charcoal grills and hibachis used during […]

Small Kitchen Decorating and Organize Ideas

Applying small kitchen decorating ideas will help it to show better on the real estate market.  Many buyers base their home buying decision on the size, style and condition of the kitchen, so having a fantastic kitchen is definitely a bonus. Unfortunately, many of us lack that gorgeous kitchen that will blow home buyers away. […]

How To Organizer Kitchen Lighting

Better kitchen lighting doesn’t have to cost a fortune. These 5 upgrades—track lighting, under cabinet lighting, recessed lighting, dimmers and better bulbs can all do the job at moderate cost. And you don’t have to tear up your kitchen to put them in. The kitchen in the house where I grew up was lit by […]

Tips to Arrangement L-shaped kitchen ideas

Ergonomics is the study and design of equipment that fits the human body and its cognitive abilities. Applied to kitchen layouts, it focuses on creating a smooth, intuitive passage through the space, as well as the most efficient and comfortable cooking environment. Worktops and cabinets are positioned to effortlessly suit the physicality of the user […]

Corner Kitchen Cabinet Storage with Blind

I recently received a request from one of my readers to address the issue of the “blind corner cabinet.“ In attempts to clarify she wrote, “I have no idea what else to call it. It is the one that you can reach into, but then have to practically crawl into to get to everything you’ve […]

Small Kitchen Island With Seating Decor

Our kitchen island ideas will help you choose the perfect central unit. With the move towards larger, open-plan kitchen extensions, the kitchen island has become an essential feature. It can be long and slim, running parallel to the work area; neat and round in a compact room; or big and broad, housing a sink and […]